Alternative Countertop Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of every home.  Or perhaps it is the stomach. Either way, it is a very important room.  While many people choose granite, there are other creative kitchen countertops st louis to choose from.  Below is a list of creative countertops you can use for the kitchen of your dreams.

·    Wood

Not just any wood, reclaimed wood.  This is a unique touch and can give a rustic, organic look to any kitchen.

·    Glass

While we think of glass for our windows, we seldom think to use a glass countertop.  However, this can give a wonderful texture and with lights beneath can be a unique décor option.

·    Concrete

Concrete may sound industrial and unappealing, but it can be beautiful and give a sleek modern look. The only aspect of concrete that may not fit your lifestyle is the maintenance.  There is a need for sealers so foods do not stain the concrete.

·    Quartz

kitchen countertops st louis

Quartz is a magnificent mineral that can add a classy feeling to any kitchen.  Quartz, interestingly enough, is also used as flooring in many major shopping malls.  In case you would like to know what your countertops may look like, pop over to your elegant mall and take a look.

There are many other unique features you can have in a countertop.  High tech interactive countertops are a great way to infuse technology into your cooking.  This has a built in screen so you can watch the cooking video as you are cutting your vegetables.  An interactive countertop can give you recipe ideas with what you place on it and even give you some nutritional facts.

You can also consider some design features like waterfall edges or angle cut edges to get rid of that boxy look that most countertops have today.  No matter what look you are seeking, in today’s market you can tailor your countertop to meet your needs and style.